How the Suboxone drug test works

The Suboxone drug test is similar to many others on the market in that it tests for the element through a dip test of the urine. The drug, also known as Buprenorphine, can stay in the system for around 45 to 75 hours before becoming undetectable in urine. This can be different depending on the dose, and is also dependent on how the drug was ingested. Other factors include how often it was taken prior to the test, and also the body type and diet of the person being tested.

The purpose of the Suboxone drug test

The most common use of a Suboxone drug test is not to check that the user is clean, but rather to make sure that they are taking the right dose of their medication. The drug is designed to block the high feeling that comes from taking opiates, so it is an important part of the rehabilitation process of addicts. Those using the test should ensure that it is administered as soon as possible after the treatment was taken to make sure that it can still be detected before it breaks down.

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