Involving urine tests in the hiring process

It has become a normal part of the employment process for companies to conduct drugs testing on candidates before the contract is issued. The most popular method for testing individuals is by using a urine test on a sample provided by them. This is chosen because it is very quick, non-invasive, and cheap to run. It can also gather results for many common drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and meth amphetamines. The cost and method of these tests makes them suitable in schools and also at home too.

The accuracy and speed of urine tests

Typically, urine tests can get results about a sample in under a minute, but further lab tests will take longer. Some companies will need to send off their samples for testing to ensure that the result is accurate, but most kits are accurate to within 99%. Some companies will even double up the testing to ensure complete accuracy and dependability. When conducting this type of test, it is important to remember that a strong positive result is much more likely to be obtained if it is conducted soon after the time of ingestion, injection or inhalation.

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