Reducing the cost of drug use on businesses with pre-employment drug screening

With absenteeism, sickness and other complications arising from drug use costing businesses in the U.S. as much as $100 billion a year, it is no surprise that pre-employment drug screening is a popular and increasing practice for many corporations. The idea behind this is to highlight and deal with these issues before they are introduced into the workplace. If a candidate has tested positive, a company can choose to terminate the candidacy, or proceed with additional counseling and treatment before the employment commences.

Why pre-employment drug screening is so popular

Pre-employment drug screening is generally the most popular way to conduct a test, as it crosses over very few legal gray areas. Provided that the potential employer makes it clear that drug testing is required for employment, and that the proper consent is obtained before commencing the test, these tests can prove very effective indeed. They are also very affordable to run, and can be done using testing kits, or by sending the samples off to a testing lab.  All presumptive positive results from testing kits should be sent to a lab for confirmation.

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Involving urine tests in the hiring process

It has become a normal part of the employment process for companies to conduct drugs testing on candidates before the contract is issued. The most popular method for testing individuals is by using a urine test on a sample provided by them. This is chosen because it is very quick, non-invasive, and cheap to run. It can also gather results for many common drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and meth amphetamines. The cost and method of these tests makes them suitable in schools and also at home too.

The accuracy and speed of urine tests

Typically, urine tests can get results about a sample in under a minute, but further lab tests will take longer. Some companies will need to send off their samples for testing to ensure that the result is accurate, but most kits are accurate to within 99%. Some companies will even double up the testing to ensure complete accuracy and dependability. When conducting this type of test, it is important to remember that a strong positive result is much more likely to be obtained if it is conducted soon after the time of ingestion, injection or inhalation.

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How the Suboxone drug test works

The Suboxone drug test is similar to many others on the market in that it tests for the element through a dip test of the urine. The drug, also known as Buprenorphine, can stay in the system for around 45 to 75 hours before becoming undetectable in urine. This can be different depending on the dose, and is also dependent on how the drug was ingested. Other factors include how often it was taken prior to the test, and also the body type and diet of the person being tested.

The purpose of the Suboxone drug test

The most common use of a Suboxone drug test is not to check that the user is clean, but rather to make sure that they are taking the right dose of their medication. The drug is designed to block the high feeling that comes from taking opiates, so it is an important part of the rehabilitation process of addicts. Those using the test should ensure that it is administered as soon as possible after the treatment was taken to make sure that it can still be detected before it breaks down.

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Drug testing new employees and candidates, and the follow-up procedures

It is now commonplace to issue drug tests to new candidates for jobs. Companies are relying on funding, grants and financial aid more than ever, and many of these programs require a drug-free workplace at all times. Even those who do not receive any funding conduct tests to make sure that they will not be introducing someone to the team who might become a liability. Sometimes they are administered not as a screening method for candidates but as a routine check, whereby a positive result would simply result in a course of therapy and counseling before the commencement of the employment. There are strict rules regarding the administration and handling of these tests, and companies should seek independent advice on how best to organize the testing so that there is no risk of discrimination or invasion of personal rights.

Some of the laws and rules regarding the employment drug test

One thing that is standard throughout most, if not all of the states is the fact that tests on current employees must be carried out as a random check, rather than just a response to suspicion about the habits of a single employee. The laws surrounding these drug tests are very precarious, and there are still many gray areas of law that continue to be argued in courtrooms across the country. A company can only test for certain elements in a person’s urine, and cannot test for specific genetic features such as gender. This can sometimes leave the company open to the risk of the submission of synthetic urine samples by candidates and employees, but testing technology is getting better all the time in an attempt to solve this issue.

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No more urine collection with mouth swab drug test kits!

Not all individuals react well to the news that they need to supply a urine sample for a drug test. This can be seen as very invasive to their privacy. As it is an incredibly sensitive issue, people can react better to other types of tests where they only have to provide a saliva sample. With amazing developments in mouth swab drug test technology, it is now possible to take an oral sample and have results within 10 minutes.

The advantages of mouth swab drug tests

The benefits of the mouth swab drug test are obvious. People no longer have to feel embarrassed or awkward about taking samples of their own urine, which can decrease morale. The company does not have to suffer the often high costs of the whole sample collection procedure, and they also benefit from less time needed to organize the testing. There is also no need to train staff for the delicate task of urine sample collection. The equipment used is accurate, easy and very straightforward. With this kit, a company can test more often with fewer worries.

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Keep the workplace safe with pre-employment drug testing

No company wants to make its employees feel uncomfortable or untrustworthy, but there is also a need to make sure the environment that they work in is safe. Using pre-employment drug testing, a business can check potential candidates to make sure they comply to the safe standards of the organization without doing anything that could seem out of the blue or unnecessary. Most places of employment conduct tests such as this, and it is expected by most people when they apply for a new job.

The process of pre-employment drug testing

Carrying out pre-employment drug testing is simple, and requires only a few minutes of a person’s time. Once the sample has been taken, the employee is free to leave and wait to hear back on the results. When a sample is taken and the result comes out as positive, it can be sent to a lab for further testing to make sure that the result can be trusted. At this point, an employer can either discontinue the applicant’s application based on the positive result, or offer to place them on a program to work on the issue before employment starts

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Test for all the major narcotics with home drug tests

When drug testing is required in the home, it is important to buy a kit that will give the most accurate results. This is why people looking for home drug tests trust Trans Med for their supplies. This company not only provides some of the most accurate tests on the market for cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy and other recreational drugs, it also runs lab testing services for results that require further processing for complete confidence in the outcome. All items ordered are delivered in discrete packaging and have completely secure ordering processes to ensure confidentiality throughout the whole process.

How home drug tests work

The majority of drugs can now be detected through urine samples and dip strips, normally presenting an accurate reading within a few minutes. These results are accurate to more than 99%, and can be doubled up if necessary for even more reliable results. Saliva and hair can also be tested if necessary through other processes. Most of these elements can be tested using a home drug test, and those that need further processing can be done so quickly and discreetly.

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How urine drug tests work

Testing bodily fluids for drugs and alcohol is common in the workplace, as it helps to determine the suitability of the workforce for their designated jobs and also provides the company with proof of compliance to certain drug free laws. Carrying out these urine drug tests is simple in many cases, as the technology has improved to a point where a single sample can be tested in a few seconds for many types of narcotics. The most common type is the dip card or cup, where a piece of treated material is dipped into the sample to detect for reactions that will suggest a positive result.

Using sensitivity when dealing with urine drug tests

An important element for businesses to remember when conducting these tests is sensitivity. It is against the law to test employees based on suspicions or other individual reasons as this can be seen as discriminatory. It can also be a breach of employee rights to let others know about their requirement to submit a test, or the results of one already conducted. Each state has its own laws, so it is important to read up on this before calling employees in for urine drug tests.

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What the urine test detects

A urine test can be used to test for a range of drugs, most commonly marijuana, cocaine and amphetamines. It is useful in the detection of illegal recreational drugs that can impair a person’s reactions and physical mobility past the point of being able to do their jobs correctly. This type of test is valuable to a business that needs to quickly assess the suitability of its workforce. Anyone who is driving company vehicles, operating machinery or working with the public is likely to be tested in this way to ensure they are not a danger to others.

How the urine test works

The test is easy to perform, with most kits providing an answer in a few minutes. Because the urine test is not invasive in any way, it is more approachable by those conducting the tests and those requiring them. Many of the tests are actually strips of treated material that react with the urine to create a positive or negative indication. This means that only a small sample is needed and there is clear evidence of the result in a matter of minutes. There is also a new technology to test saliva for traces for those that want added security in their results.

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The drug tests available for marijuana and multiple drug testing

When using something like a drug test to determine suitability for a job or compliance of employees, it is important to know that the results are going to be accurate and give a true reading for the situation. With some drugs such as marijuana, the effects in the body can disappear within 7 days, so it is crucial to choose an option that will be able to work with trace amounts in the urine or oral sample taken. Dip tests are popular for companies that have to test on a regular basis, and are easy enough to determine an outcome with after 10 seconds, and can test for several drugs at once.

Buying drug tests in bulk for quicker access

Companies that need to test regularly do not want to worry about high costs and slow shipping. As the testing windows for many types of drug are short, a test will need to be conducted on a person quickly to gather a positive result. One of the best factors of modern drugs tests is that they can be stored for up to 24 months and still function perfectly when used. This makes it even more worthwhile to buy these in a large quantity, save money on reduced order values and have them ready for whenever they are needed. They can also be ordered in discrete packaging so that employees are not alerted to the procedure ahead of time.

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