Reducing the cost of drug use on businesses with pre-employment drug screening

With absenteeism, sickness and other complications arising from drug use costing businesses in the U.S. as much as $100 billion a year, it is no surprise that pre-employment drug screening is a popular and increasing practice for many corporations. The idea behind this is to highlight and deal with these issues before they are introduced into the workplace. If a candidate has tested positive, a company can choose to terminate the candidacy, or proceed with additional counseling and treatment before the employment commences.

Why pre-employment drug screening is so popular

Pre-employment drug screening is generally the most popular way to conduct a test, as it crosses over very few legal gray areas. Provided that the potential employer makes it clear that drug testing is required for employment, and that the proper consent is obtained before commencing the test, these tests can prove very effective indeed. They are also very affordable to run, and can be done using testing kits, or by sending the samples off to a testing lab.  All presumptive positive results from testing kits should be sent to a lab for confirmation.

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