The equipment used for drug testing at home

Sometimes it is necessary to do drug testing at home, either on a family member or for a nanny or housekeeper. There are different types of kits available on the market, but perhaps the most appropriate for this use would be the instant drug test cup. This is a small, self-contained container that can collect and test the sample without the person handling it ever being exposed to the contents. These devices can test for anything from one to thirteen different drugs, so there is always the reassurance that the right result will be obtained.

Things to remember when drug testing at home

When undertaking drug testing at home, those running the tests need to be mindful of a few things. The first is that testing alone is not going to solve or prevent the problem. Whether a positive or negative result is obtained, this should always be accompanied with the appropriate support and treatment for the outcome. Another thing to bear in mind is that lab tests are always going to be the most accurate way to conduct fair testing, which is why positive results should always be clarified through this manner.

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