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E-Z Integrated Split Specimen Key Cup

Alere Toxicilogy Split Specimen Drug Test Cup The new E-Z Integrated Key Cup Test rapid test Cup is a fully integrated, self contained rapid test cup for detecting drugs and drug in urine. No handling of urine is required. E-Z Cups leak proof hinged lid keeps the urine on the inside. Temperature Strip included. Auto-Split sample for specimen. The economical Integrated E-Z Split Key Cup has a two-chamber design and a hinged, leak-proof lid so the collector never has to come into contact with the specimen. The design prevents donor manipulation. The first chamber holds the collected specimen where it cannot be affected by the test strips. With the push of a button, the collector fills the second chamber to expose the urine to the test strips, leaving a portion of the urine in the first chamber to maintain specimen integrity should lab confirmation be required. Results are easy to read and laboratory accurate. An oval-shaped front and a squared back make the cup easy to use for both genders. This tamper-proof, no-mess, user-friendly instant drug testing device provides a qualitative immunoassay test.